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Where else can you find me?

Believe it or not, I'm on other websites! This page is mainly a hub for all my other social media accounts and the like.

animatedc9000 on Tumblr - My main blog. I do have some other Tumblr blogs, listed below.


Site Credits

The background image for the website was taken from one of the former backgrounds of the Disney Wiki. [Will link original image if I can find the source.]

The cursor is the Liquid Silver Star 2 cursor from cursors-4u.com.

The cursor trail is the Tinkerbell Mouse Effect from mf2fm.com.

The background of the main container on the individual Favorite Characters pages is from Sadgrl's collection of tiled backgrounds. (Warning: There are a lot of patterns on the page that move very quickly and can cause eyestrain.)

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Here are some other sites used for resources, references, and tutorials.

W3Schools - Learn how to code in various coding languages. Also has handy references for individual coding elements!

Interneting Is Hard - A friendly web development tutorial for beginners. Covers HTML and CSS coding.

graphics-cafe on tumblr - A collection of web graphics, blinkies, and more for use! Please check usage permissions on the individual items. (Warning: A number of the elements move very quickly and can cause eyestrain.)

sadgrl.online - A site full of tutorials, resources, and other things. Check it out!

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